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Saturday, October 6, 2007

This post is about my trip to chickmangalur during my last weekend.

Initial Plan:

This trip was planned and organized by the TECH Team of our Oracle Business Accelerator Group. Its was a part of their Team Outing for this Quarter. So, the entire plan was made by them. Especially, this was an initiative taken by one of the TECH Team Manager, Parikshit Khisty ( we call him Parry). So, my thanks to him for giving us this wonderful oppurtunity. This was planned one month before by him. The plan details were: Two Days trip ( Starting by friday night and Back on Sunday night) which includes White Water Rafting, Night stay in Tent and Trekking... The plan is wonderful.. isn't it??? and to add to that, the cost of this entire trip was Rs. 2800. wow... this plan was so nice that i dont want to miss this great opportunity. This plan is arranged with one of the adventure trip organizing group called "CAPTURE"... One week before the trip, we got a registration form from CAPTURE along with the Do's and Dont's while this trip and what all we should have with us for this trip ( a pack-list)... We all got ourself ready with those things mentioned in the pack-list in advance. So all set for the trip on Friday... ready for rockin...

Travel to Chickmangalur:

Initially this trip was planned for only 18 members... but due to the over-whelming response, on saturday evening we had the count of 21 members ready for the trip. since it was planned for 18 members, the CAPTURE guys arranged for a Mini-Bus with a capacity of 19. so, the last two to board the bus didnt have seat for them.. and it was Parry and Simon... Oh.. forgot to mention the names of the members for this trip.. here it is, in alphabetical order... Abhishek, Adithya, Anand, Ananth, Anbu, Asit, Bhanu Singh, Jyothi, Hemanth, Mallikarjun, Parikshit, Pradeep, Pralin,Prithvi, Ritesh, Me, Simon, Shruthi, Sowmya, Swathi n Thiagarajan.

We started from our office at 9:30pm ( actually we were asked to be ready at 8:30pm to start). The enjoyment started right from the driver started the engine... The engine sound was nothing when compared to the Chorus-sound we made as soon as we started moving... And that Friday was an working day.. so many of us were working till that time and didn't have dinner. So we stopped at a Dhaba called "Chandu Dhaba" at around 11pm.. They were about to close. Luckily we managed to convince the dhaba guys to prepare some roti's ( i think the count was around 60), few channa masala's and chicken masala's. And even though i already had lunch, i couldnt resist myself by not having those roti's there.. the same with all those people who already had dinner.. almost everyone had dinner twice that night.

After that OK dinner, we continued our travel... for about another hour we all were making comments on one another and having fun... One by one every fell asleep.. but not the three people who were sitting at the last row, for whom not sleeping at night is usual... Its none other than the Thiagarajan, Pradeep and Me, The Three DBA's in the trip ( actually we were four, Anand is another DBA in the trip, but he's of different kind.. he use to come early in the morning around 7'O Clock.. so obviously he slept soon).. We three were chatting all night... And we stopped in a road-side Tea shop, jus for break, at around 2:30am. We all got down and had tea. The cost of that tea was Rs. 2, but it was far better than the tea we get in our cafeteria for Rs. 5... So we all enjoyed that good tea after long time, that too at 2:30am.. even though its usual for we DBA's to have tea at midnight, it was a rare experience for the rest.

That was just a 10 min break. Then everyone continued what they were doing before the break, nothing other than sleeping and we 3 continued our chatting. And Since the music system was turned-off in the Bus, Thiagarajan played some pleasant songs with his Nokia N-73. It was very pleasant to listen to those Tamil songs after long time and chat something not related to daily office work... everything was going fine till we had 2 hour journey left to reach our destination. wondering what went wrong!!!!!! nothing went wrong.. we just experienced road-rafting.. thats all.. It was so bad that we couldnt see any smooth surface which we call as "Road". And it was made worse by the recent rains. It was drizzling when we were travelling. Pradeep was trying to sleep atleast for sometime, till we reached Chickmangalur. And the place where we're going to stay is Magundi, around one hour journey from chickmangalur. So, we had a second Tea session around 4:30am at chickmangalur. And by the time we reached chickmangalur, the drizzles has transformed to a Rain Drops.

From Chickmangalur onwards, we could able to find something called "Road" and we can even call it as "smooth road"... so, finally Pradeep got chance to sleep... he had around half-an-hour sleep.. then we woke him to see the beautiful sceneries at the road side... Wonderful morning time, lot of tall trees covered with Mists. it was so pleasant to our eyes, which gets to see something other that computer monitor. So, finally we reached our place at around 6:30 am.